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Virunga National Park will re-open to tourists on 15th February 2019

After several months of no operation, Virunga National Park will re-open to tourists on 15th February 2019, the good news has been welcomed by many Congo safari tour operators and hotel owners whose businesses had been at halt. Eight months back on the 2nd of July 2018, the Virunga National Park management took a deeply difficult decision to close the park following insecurity within and around the park. When the chief warden of the park Mr. Emanuel De Merode announced the closure of the park till the end of last year, many park rangers had lost their lives in the conservation process amidst political unrests in the country. In a bid to find realistic measures of operation, the decision was worth making and by the 15th of February 2019 Virunga National Park will be opening again after putting up several measures to run the park activities.

Virunga National Park is a 3,000sq.mi park founded in 1925 making it Africa’s oldest national Park. The park is majorly prominent as the prime Congo gorilla trekking safari destination since it hosts the only Mountain Gorillas in West Africa and host to Mount Nyiragongo which is one of the active volcanoes in Africa. Virunga National park is situated in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s North Kivu province bordered by south western Rwanda and south western Uganda. Rwanda and Uganda though in East Africa, do share with Congo the Virunga massif (chain of 8 volcanoes) in which Virunga National Park is located with the conserved area in Rwanda known as Volcanoes National Park and in Uganda known as Mgahinga Gorilla National Park all being host to Mountain Gorillas.

Virunga National Park will re-open to tourists on 15th February 2019 with several safety measures set

As the park will re-open on the 15th February 2019 for both Congo gorilla trekking safaris and hiking trips to Mount Nyiragongo, the management of Virunga National Park is dedicated to ensuring the highest safety and security of all its visitors. Virunga Rangers have been trained at international standards for visitor protection, including close protection, communication, first aid and evacuation procedures. In addition, Park management oversees the security environment by maintaining close ties with local authorities, community leaders, embassies, UN agencies and NGOs. The park management also cautions all tourists on Congo tours to adopt the appropriate level of sensitivity to the local cultural and political environment as an essential element of their personal security and of those accompanying them throughout the trip.

New Congo safari packages to Virunga National Park as it re-opens to tourists on 15th February 2019

Virunga National Park has set up new packages for tourists to purchase for the smooth running of the park. In total, the packages are 7 however only 2 will be available for booking by the 15th of February 2019. Here is a highlight of the packages;

Nyiragongo volcano trek is a stand-alone Nyiragongo trek which takes two days with a night spent on the Volcano summit. This is only a hiking safari and will be available for booking on the opening date.

 Mikeno Mist package is a 4 days safari inclusive of a gorilla trek, three-night stay in Virunga, two nights in Kibumba Tented Camp and one-night stay on Nyiragongo volcano. The gorilla-hiking Congo tour will be available for booking by the opening date.

The Le Petit Virunga package, Virunga Classic, Great Ape package, Virunga Expedition package and the Rutshuru Expedition package have all been planned though not available for booking as of yet.

This is really good news for tourists who have always wanted to hike mount Nyiragongo combining it to either their Uganda gorilla trekking safari or gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda. Choose the package of your choice and contact a trusted Congo safari tour operator for details and good preparations.

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Virunga National Park is one of the most biologically diverse protected areas on the earth where Congo Gorilla Trekking Safaris is encountered.